>Hello all,
This “website” exists as a collection of my thoughts and opinions on various subjects. In addition to this, it will also be a collection of useful tips and tricks that I know (More for my later reference than anything else, actually).

I’d first started this as a mediawiki install on my home computer, then I decided to just use straight-html files. I found mediawiki too clunky for my needs (I’m an efficiency nut), and while html was efficient, I feel it’ll be difficult to manage the whole project later on when I have numerous pages. I figure its best to just “Do it right the first time, so that I don’t have to a second time”. Doing this as a blog seems to be the best option right now, though I do prefer an actual website format since it might lead to better organisation by topic or so. Who knows, maybe I’ll just scrap all of this blog-format-ness in a month or so.

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