December 2009 - Ravi Desai

>Common Lisp: Calculating the ATR

>The following code is an example of how to use the array of BAR-objects (Created here to create simplifications of the price information (The raw data) that will then be used to make trading decisions. As before, the code is available as a Lisp-file here. ATR stands for Average True Range. The true range of […]

>Common Lisp: Importing price data

>The following code is the first part of the project to make a system for back-testing trading strategies. The raw data that we work with is defined by a “bar”. A bar is is a representation of the movement of price over, usually and traditionally, a period of time. A bar is further defined as […]

>My road to Lisp

> My road to Lisp I had learned C and C++ in high school, but only the basics (Programs that imitated calculators, and not complicated ones at that). It was a royal waste of 2 years of computer classes. In fact, I learned more about C programming from a book I took out from the […]

>MQL4: Trailing stop-loss

>This program is written in the MQL4 programming language. This language is domain-specific and is used on the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. The syntax and semantics of this language are, to put it quite simply, just like C. Like C, its a nice language, and is easy to learn. All you need to do is […]

>Mission statement

>A mission statement is a really difficult thing to come up with. It requires you to capture your deepest drives and desires, and thats still not enough. you have to express them then. In other words, this is a document that will be a perennial work-in-progress since over time: I’ll change as a person, and […]


>Hello all,This “website” exists as a collection of my thoughts and opinions on various subjects. In addition to this, it will also be a collection of useful tips and tricks that I know (More for my later reference than anything else, actually). I’d first started this as a mediawiki install on my home computer, then […]