The enjoyable thing about software is that there is always something out there to play with. Here are a few tools that I want to get more practice with

  • Graph Databases

    I have heard enough about these to get excited for a project or two where I can use these. I’ve been told to look at both Neo4J and OrientDB. A colleague and I will most likely soon be starting on an application with this technology.

  • PostgreSQL

    I’ve used MySQL while I was freelancing with WordPress, and Postgresql is way better. I like it. When I get some free time, I’m going to look into learning about setting up this DB to be scaled up.

  • AngularJS

    I got a taste of AngularJS 4 weeks ago, and I’m hooked. This thing makes SPAs so much easier. Definitely working on getting more practice with this. Have a look at one of my deployed applications to see how a colleague and I are using it.

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