Git filter-branch

The Pleasance project currently has everything it needs within its own package. That should change. The reason is that the data-mgmt and indicators files provide functionality that isn’t specific to this implementation of a predictor.

So the solution is to put those 2 files and their functionality into a package of its own. Then their functionality can be used by any program that requires this. I didn’t want to just copy and paste them into their own github repository, since that would mean they lose their history. I did a search for this and found that git allows for something like this quite well. Instead of making a copy of the repository and then just deleting the other files (But still having them in the history of this smaller project), there is a way to delete the other files and directories from all the history of the project! Very nice, git, very nice.

Git filter-branch

This is a nifty utility that does exactly what I’m looking for. The link to its guide (In the form of an example), is right here on Github. The man-page, as always, is very useful too.

Thank you Git.

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