January 2012 - Ravi Desai

Lucifer is out

The ‘lucifer’ project is out. Its available at its Github page. It should be a good basis for most of the trading simulations that I have planned. The next step is to create a seperate project with all the trading system simulators on them. That should be fun. I’ll find enough ideas on the forums.

Git filter-branch

The Pleasance project currently has everything it needs within its own package. That should change. The reason is that the data-mgmt and indicators files provide functionality that isn’t specific to this implementation of a predictor. So the solution is to put those 2 files and their functionality into a package of its own. Then their […]

Musings – 20120106

In the last few weeks I’ve been trying to think about how to make a system that has a way to finding out robust trade parameters. I recently just got a paper and pen and started thinking about it freely and noting everything down. Perhaps its time I break out the ‘Thinkertoys’ book again. This […]